vPROJEKT Wounds In The Age Of Healing [Limited First Edition] CD Digipack 2015

vPROJEKT Wounds In The Age Of Healing [Limited First Edition] CD Digipack 2015

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Wounds In The Age Of Healing


Limited first edition [250 worldwide] in 4-panel digipack, incl. 4 exclusive remixes by HAUJOBB, ISZOLOSCOPE, ESA and WYCHDOKTOR

Year: 2015
Label: Digital World Audio

01 Fulcrum
02 Don't blink
03 Snakeskin Heartbeat
04 The Moon reflecting Nothing
05 Zeroth (Part I)
06 Killer Instinct
07 Narrow Galaxy
08 The Wound Fractal
09 Strict Command
10 Zeroth (Part II)
11 In Sin Vex 

Bonus Tracks for this limited edition:
12 Don’t blink (Wychdoktor rmx)
13 Killer Instinct (Iszoloscope rmx)
14 Strict Command (Haujobb rmx)
15 The Moon reflecting Nothing (ESA rmx)

Info: Old-school industrial meets ambient soundscapes as maverick Australian act returns with startling second album! Eugene Nesci arrived unheralded in 2011 with the critically-acclaimed “Exhilarate & Disgust” – a mammoth 15-track epic debut that blended elements of early EBM, ambient and martial-industrial. Given the recent popularity of “retro” sounding acts like YOUTH CODE and 3TEETH, the timing is perfect for vPROJEKT to return with a new record that seems likely to appeal both to a very current audience and also those of a previous generation pining for “old school sounds”. After almost 3 years quite literally “in the wilderness”, Nesci has returned without warning as abruptly as he originally arrived, armed again with another incredible sonic collage which – while clearly referencing a variety of “old school” industrial influences – sounds uniquely unlike anything else. With a greater emphasis on organic instrumentation and a complex multi-layered and experimental vocal sound pushed to the fore, “Wounds…” sounds both familiar and developed to fans of the debut - retaining the epic complexities that defined that record while for songs like “Killer Instinct”, “Don’t blink” or the single “Strict Command” adopting a more linear and direct approach.

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