NITRO/NOISE No Cure for Apocalypse [re-release] CD 2015

NITRO/NOISE No Cure for Apocalypse [re-release] CD 2015

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No Cure for Apocalypse



Year: 2015
Label: Deathwatch Asia

01 The Revelation
02 Want wome
03 If we stop breeding
04 God Game
05 Censorshit
06 All shall perish
07 Don’t be afraid
08 Spit it black
09 Unchained
10 Wake up Call
11 We demand better (feat. NACHTMAHR)
12 Don’t be afraid (Piano rework)

Info: Mixed and mastered in its entirety by Jan L at his X-Fusion Music Production studios in Germany, NITRO/NOISE’s second album has been unavailable for long, due to the incapacity of Black Rain, the original partner for this release. No nonsense, no mercy, “No Cure for Apocalypse” is simply 10 relentless anthems for the end of days – as uncompromising and unstoppable as the Armageddon it suggests we all deserve – topped off with a collaboration with long-time champion of NITRO/NOISE: Thomas Rainer of NACHTMAHR, and an atmospheric coda. From the opening assault of “The Revelation” through to tenth track “Wake up Call” - dedicated to groupies the band ran into over the course of their first American tourdates last year, and boasting a lyrical refrain that is probably guaranteed to give offence to some – “No Cure…” surpasses “Total Nihilism” in both its intensity and danceability, beat-driven and lyrically bleak. Describing it as ”fantastic” and “the album COMBICHRIST wanted to make after What the F**k is wrong with you People”, MODULATE’s Geoff Lee was moved to write “It's going to be a contender for Album of the Year 2014, no doubt…there isn't a bad/weak track on it….the best harsh aggrotech album I've heard in a very very long time!”.

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