MORTHOUND Off The Beaten Track The Light Don't Shine CD 2015

MORTHOUND Off The Beaten Track The Light Don't Shine CD 2015

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Off The Beaten Track The Light Don't Shine



Year: 2015
Label: Raubbau
Tracklist:         01 The Device
02 Between Midnight and Dawn
03 The Munich Manual
04 Disquieted
05 Disembodied Voices
06 The Black Forest

It might have been in the air after the recent extensive 5CD-box set and the subsequent live performances, it sure has been hoped for by more than a few: The first Morthound album in over 20 years! An absorbing exploration of the dark ambient realms, a sometimes outright frightening dip into the pit, yet composed with the expert knowledge of a seasoned producer, returning triumphant to the fold. The new opus features a bit of everything Morthound are famous and respected for: the industrial/noise-heavy, the brute, the cold ambient, the psychedelic and the ritual; but enveloped in a totally coherent, updated approach, subtly taking up the threads and weaving them into a good 47 minutes of flawless dark atmosphere. The challenge of a comeback album after that many years is obviously to handle the balancing act between picking up and respecting your own legacy on the one hand side, and creating something meaningful for the present on the other. With 'off...’ BJ Nilsen has succeeded in both, created an album that will find avid followers in different generations of listeners, and has all the potential to become a genre classic!

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