Covered In Darkness CD 2015 LTD.300 RAVE THE REQVIEM Cygnosic TERROLOKAUST

Covered In Darkness CD 2015 LTD.300 RAVE THE REQVIEM Cygnosic TERROLOKAUST

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Covered In Darkness


Limitiert und Nummeriert auf 300 Stück

Year: 2015
Label: Digital World Audio

01 RAVE THE REQVIEM – Crucified
02 C-LEKKTOR – Radioakktivity (Radio Mix)
03 BLAKOPZ feat. MIKE SAGA – Fight for your Right
04 RUINIZER feat. SÉAMUS BRADD – Beez in the Trap
05 CYFERDYNE – End of Ages
06 NITRO/NOISE – Black Celebration
07 SIRUS – My own Summer
08 CYGNOSIC - Mad Desire (Instru-Mental Mix)
09 TECHNOLORGY – Sometimes
10 VPROJEKT feat. JAMIE NOVA – I ran
11 TERROLOKAUST – Falling away from Me

Info: Strictly limited CD edition of 300 copies - in jewelcase, with 6-panel insert, all hand-numbered on the inside of the traycard. “Covered In Darkness” is an eclectic collection of cover versions originally written and performed by 80s icons A Flock Of Seagulls, Army Of Lovers, Depeche Mode, Beastie Boys and Den Harrow, 90s alt rockers Deftones and Korn, industrial scene legends Grendel and And One, dating back as far as 1975 with seminal electro pioneers Kraftwerk all the way through to Nicki Minaj shaking her booty just a couple of years ago. Bands known principally for electronic music like vProjekt and Technolorgy reveal their talents on more traditional guitars and drums, acts like Terrolokaust and Sirus known for their electro style tackle 90s alt rock anthems… Including 8 tracks previously unreleased, and by popular demand an instrumental mix of CygnosiC‘s massive international hit “Mad Desire”, DWA brings you THE soundtrack of the summer 2015…

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