MICHAEL IDEHALL Deep Code Sun CD Digipack 2015 ant-zen

MICHAEL IDEHALL Deep Code Sun CD Digipack 2015 ant-zen

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Deep Code Sun


CD Digipack

Year: 2015

ant-zen act329

Tracklist:         01 tusked
02 omphalos
03 slow spiral
04 lucifer
05 beast mask
06 feline
07 spiderwoman
08 tusked II
09 language of the birds
10 lakwa
11 snake messiah
12 serpent wand
13 seantronique
14 solar wind
15 vril-ya
Info: In gatefold cd-sleeve. matte black cardboard w/ golden print.
Michael Idehall is a composer, sound artist, painter, and author living and working in Gothenburg, Sweden whose artistic output has always striven to create an opening into a world beyond the mundane. Listening to Idehall's sound, one could be forgiven for thinking of Psychic TV, Coil and similar, esoterically inclined artists. Not that his seancetronica (as he names his music) really sound like any of those, but he - or what ever unseen force is imprinted into his machines - conjures up the same emotional states. This album which contains two of his works previously released on tape appears as a journey of sorts, a search for what lies beyond the conscious mind. Naked and physical music, sweaty, sexual, and sublime but at the same time obscure and ethereal, forcing the listener into a state of ecstatic trance and captivated paralysis. A ritualistic maelstrom of dark, unsettling tunes where syncopated death industrial and disturbing ambience walk hand in hand, overlaid with desperate vocal declamations.

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