BLACK LUNG Muzak from the Hive Mind CD Digipack 2015

BLACK LUNG Muzak from the Hive Mind CD Digipack 2015

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Muzak from the Hive Mind


CD Digipack

Year: 2015

ant-zen act324

Tracklist:         Muzak from the Hive Mind part I - part XV
Info: Black Lung, in conjunction with partners the Muzak corporation, Darpa and Ant-Zen, present a scientifically formulated listening aid conducive to mood and thought re-alignment and re-education. A movement in 15 parts utilising the science of binary trans-inductive therapy. Just over a year ago, D. Thrussell was approached about becoming involved in a unique and boldly challenging artistic enterprise. In brief - to create a daring sonic sculpture that embodied a brave new frontier of civic responsibility, engagement and inclusion. The resulting album is a masterpiece of audio innovation. Abstract, avant-garde or ‘musique-concrete’ are some of the terms that might begin to describe this astounding recording, a towering ambient masterwork of shuddering drones, pacific synthesis and dynamic alien tonality - A symphony in pure sound - quite simply the brave new sound of the 21st century, or maybe even the logical continuation of a path treaded by innovators like György Ligeti and Karlheinz Stockhausen way back. This record will help millions of people to be happier, healthier, more efficient: children in educational applications, handicapped and retarded people, patients and medical staff in hospitals, personnel in offices, banks and insurance companies and workers in a great variety of industrial situations, to name a few. Muzak for the Hive Mind serves man…

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