EMPUSAE Rutsu no hoyo CD Digipack 2014 ant-zen

EMPUSAE Rutsu no hoyo CD Digipack 2014 ant-zen

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Title: Rutsu no hoyo

CD Digipack

Year: 2014
Label: ant-zen act322
Tracklist:         01 Second ornament
02 Sphère des bois
03 Seven types of ambiguity
04 Quantum daimon
05 Consanguinous pain
06 dirge
07 One and the same
Info: This truly fine collection of live recordings made in 2012 and 2013 delivers the intoxicating concert experience of an Empusae performance right into your home environment. Besides the project's mastermind Nicolas van Meirhaeghe the notable musicians Tom de Doncker, Peter Bjärgö (Arcana, Sophia) and Benjamin Sperling (Jännerwein) joined the Empusae lineup for these concerts in Moscow and Utrecht. The seven tracks on this album include all aspects of the sound concept Empusae has developed over the last 3 years, transformed into unique live versions. A vibrant inebriation of emotive ambient, ominous electronic soundspheres, melancholic melody lines, ritualistic beats, breathy, haunting vocals and skillful guitar and piano accompaniment. If you didn't have the opportunity to watch an outstanding Empusae performance, this release is ideal to work up your appetite - and if you already have, have a listen, and spend an hour of prosperous remembrance.

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