NUMB The Valence Of Noise LP VINYL+CD 2014 LTD.500

NUMB The Valence Of Noise LP VINYL+CD 2014 LTD.500

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The Valence Of Noise


Limitiert und Handnummeriert auf 500 Stück

Year: 25.04.2014
Tracklist:         A1. SHITHAMMER  (dread & bled mix) 
A2. EUGENE  (Pickaxe mix by Pig and Andrew Burton)   
A3. WON’T YOU BE MY NEIGHBOR (theme from Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood)    
A4. BLOOD  ( crash and burn edit )   
B2. BLIND  (hyper dilated mix) 

All their hard to find compilation tracks for the first time compiled on one album. In a collectors limited edition of 500 hand-numbered vinyl copies , no re-press.  This album includes a FREE cd version, not to be sold seperatly !!
NUMB is the brainchild of Don Gordon after his previous musical adventures in Pin-ups, Images In... Vogue (also starring drummer Kevin Crompton a.k.a. Skinny Puppy's cEvin Key) and Proof By Nine. Co-founded with Sean Stubbs and David Hall the band started in 1986 as an art project designed to address issues of social desensitization, releasing their first limited edition cassette “Blue Light” in 1987.
Their debut selftitled LP came out the same year , a terrifying assortment of emotional assaults: confusion, anger, and alienation taking musical forms and ravaging the senses.
Sean Stubbs/Sean St. Hubbs was the first lead vocalist for NUMB, during the 90's he played drums on several subsequent tours in Europe and the U.S.
Christmeister, released in 1989, took a much more aggressive stance than their debut. With their electronic approach being augmented by aggressive guitars and lyrics spewed forth in a torrent of tuneful howls from madman Blair Dobson ripped apart the emotional stability of its listeners.
In 1993, NUMB's third CD, “Death On The Installment Plan” was released upon the unsuspecting public. This album was described as a "high-intensity blast of near madness" with guitars, synthetics and vocals by Conan Hunter working in a near-perfect collusion.
The following year, NUMB's mini-CD “Fixate” was released, including remixes from Death On The Installment Plan and several live tracks. 1994 also saw the release of “Wasted Sky”, a post-apocalyptic vision of technology as religion, of truth as virtual reality.
After Wasted Sky, Don Gordon added The Fourth Man David Collings to its ranks, and had the opportunity to hone their skills on the road. Koro is a documentation of the band's live power, recorded in Japan in 1995.
The band released “Blood Meridian” in late 1997: a collection of primal dance fury, pure electronics sans guitar, electronica with attitude; and followed it up the following year with “Language Of Silence”, a CD guaranteed to fill dance floors with new and old fans, all the while keeping the mediocrity of mainstream techno at bay with its uncompromising harshness and brilliant arrangements. A mini-CD with 5 remixes of the track Suspended followed.
Don Gordon did some remixes for a.o. Dive, Esplendor Geométrico and The Klinik; took care of the production for some Lung releases (two 7" singles and the cassette/CD release Magnium Opiate) and composed scores for two short films: A Dream Of Naming (a German-Canadian co-production) and Six Hundred Million Breaths (a Canadian independent short). Soundtracks were completed for the play Photographic Memories which premiered at the Vancouver New Play Festival and for the performance piece, Blood Of The Lambs structured loosely upon the traditional requiem which was presented with Madeleine Morris at the Vancouver Fringe Festival. In 2000 Don put Numb on non-active and moved to Vietnam.

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