Charlie Deaux with LUSTMORD Zoetrope [the movie] DVD 2005

Charlie Deaux with LUSTMORD Zoetrope [the movie] DVD 2005

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Charlie Deaux with LUSTMORD
Title: Zoetrope [the movie]

DVD Digipack

Year: 2005
Label: Soleilmoon
Info: Following a path from Franz Kafka’s metaphoric world comes ‘Zoetrope’, a haunting and explosively surreal film set in an apocalyptic, decaying world. Based on Franz Kafka’s “In the Penal Colony”, a man is imprisoned for an unnamed crime and tortured by a nameless sadistic bureaucrat. As the chilling nightmare unfolds, the prisoner peels away the layers of his own metaphysical existence, inching ever closer to his inescapable fate. Hatched from the fertile imagination of Director Charlie Deaux (System of a Down, Mortiis), Zoetrope’s richly complex visuals and dark atmosphere cast a spell of fear and terror far beyond its tightly edited eighteen minute length. Deaux’s obsessive attention to detail is reflected in every shot of this relent. lessly paced rollercoaster ride... The music and sound design for ZOETROPE by LUSTMORD compliment the harrowing visuals

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