STEVE ROACH & BYRON METCALF Tales from the Ultra Tribe CD Digipack 2013

STEVE ROACH & BYRON METCALF Tales from the Ultra Tribe CD Digipack 2013

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Title: Tales from the Ultra Tribe

CD Digipack

Year: 2013
Label: Projekt

01 Setting Forth 13:53
02 A noble Direction 9:52
03 Midnight Migration 11:04
04 The Magma Clan 9:37
05 Road from here 8:24
06 Fire Sky Portal 4:13
07 Return of the Dragon Bone Tribe 10:40
08 In the Safety of Travel 6:11


After two years pushing the creative edges, Tales From the Ultra Tribe emerges as a fire-breathing life form. The deep trance-shamanic-atmospheric collaboration between Steve Roach and Byron Metcalf evokes the primordial caverns and aeon-blasted landscapes of their groundbreaking The Serpent's Lair (Projekt, 2000). And yet on Tales From the Ultra Tribe, a new sound emerges. It's a lucid trance-groove experience, a searing combination of acoustic percussion and hyperdimensional electronic rhythms. The Ultra Tribe are the future primitives: the future-tech foundation wrapped by the organic. It's no longer clear where the human ends and the machine begins. The elements of this sound are Steve's complex hybrid-grooves overlaid by Byron's primal, fluid and organic - yet precise - frame drums and percussion. It's an atmosphere of shifting soundworlds in which the forms of the Ultra Tribe exist. An alchemy of electronic sequencers, drum machines and percussion locks in the groove, while the human element jumps in and out of the steady pulse, giving the music a passionate intensity. The elements are deftly shaped to a point of complete integration where the final result is transformed into a living breathing body with an electro-organic soul.

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