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Title: Gothic Visions
Format: Special DVD+CD Edition
Year: 2009
Label: Echozone
Tracklist:         Audio Tracks on CD+DVD:
1. The Beauty Of Gemina: This time
2. Saints Of Eden: Dying time
3. Verney 1826: Anne (Edit)
4. Ding An Sich: Strength
5. The Eternal Fall: Into a dream
6. MAV: Diane's dream
7. Glimmer Void: And still there us silence
8. New Risen: Blood party
9. The Ghost Effect: My black regret
10. The Mist Of Avalon: Sacrifice
11. The Daughters Of Bristol: Woman at the side
12. R.D.S.K.: Apocalypse of mind
13. Fear of Dolls: She was laughing
14. Dyonisis: Pretty at a distance (Blues Shift Remix)
15. Ancient Tundra: Land of the midnight sun
16. Shirayas Dream: Nibiru
17. The Raven: One last time

DVD Video Clips

1. The Mist Of Avalon: Helpless little friend
2. Place4Tears: Tears of avalon
3. Star Industry: Last crusaders
4. Andreas Gross: Stone thrower
5. The Golden Apes: Remedy
6. The Beauty Of Gemina: This time
7. Spiritual Maze: Living on the edge
8. Dyonisis: Hunter
9. Verney 1826: Ordo fractum minorum
10. Reactive Black: Doom
11. Descendants Of Cain: Breakdown
12. Saints Of Eden: Price ya gotta pay
13. No Comment: Silver skull
14. Minusheart: Feel no pain
15. Waving Not Drowing: Twists and turns
16. goJA Moon ROCKAH: Hier kommt die Nacht
17. Andreas Gross: False prophets
18. Place4Tears: September's breath
19. The Raven: One last time
20. Dr. Arthur Krause: Under silver moon
21. New Rage Project: Geheimnis
22. Amber: Wuthering heights
23. New Risen: Dark winter
24. Vendemmian: Starter for ten
25. The Eternal Fall: Angsthaus
26. Ancient Tundra: And silence finally prevails

DVD Live & Performance Clips
27. The Golden Apes: Ferryman
28. Dead Guitars: Butterfly on a wheel
29. Dr. Arthur Krause: Breaking in two
30. Specimen: Alive at the batcave
31. Spiritual Maze: Pain
32. The Ghost Effect: Say no
33. Whispers In The Shadows: Killing time
34. Dead Guitars: Isolation (Acoustic)

DVD Gothic & Mystic Visual Clips
35. Downstairs Left: Mystic night ("Out of reach")
36. Place4Tears: Driving into the moon ("Yesterday gone")
37. Elafynoh: The nameless ("Newfork")
38. Downstairs Left: Salvation
39. Place4Tears: Night visions ("Who knows")
40. Downstairs Left: Tales of Venice (Fallen temple)
41. Place4Tears: Floating ("Red")
42. Whispers On The Shadows: Confessions
43. Place4Tears: Afraid of the dark
44. Place4Tears: Desert romance
45. Keine Künstlerinformation: Falkenstein
46. Keine Künstlerinformation: Time for horror (Trailer)
47. Keine Künstlerinformation: Die Mehrheit bin ich
48. Keine Künstlerinformation: Kein Traum (Trailer)

Audio Tracks on DVD
49. Funhouse: The second coming
50. Whispers In The Shadow: Babylon rising (Ice Ages Remix)
51. In My Rosary: Hypocrazy
52. Downstairs Left: The rose
53. Denight: Glipse
54. Hyde: Schlaf
55. Children Of Sun: Hollow
56. Place4Tears: Dream sequence / No doubt You're murdered
57. Andreas Gross: Stone thrower (Radio Edit)
58. Derriere Le Miroir: Alibis
59. Dawon Of Oblivion: Father
60. Golden Apes: Maria (A face of history)
61. DIE!: Lüg mich an
62. Reactive Black: We don't die
63. Star Industry: Forever
64. Wayne Hussey: Garden of delight
65. Dr. Arthur Krause: Black hard hands
66. Dead Guitars: Blue
67. New Rage Project: Requiem
68. Descendants Of Cain: Transcendence
69. Saints Of Eden: One
70. Vendemmian: Seen enough
71. Eigensinn: Feuerengel
72. goJA Moon ROCKAH: Jetzt kommt die Nacht (TSBF-KRTECH-Remix)
73. Bionic: It doesn't matter (Alternate Version)
74. Specimen: Beauty of poison
75. Spiritual Maze: Your skin
76. Vets Insanity: Rotten crown
77. Shirayas Dream: Last day of paradise
78. Minusheart: Feel no pain (Fxs Minusheart Rework)


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