IN MY ROSARY Retro CD 2010

IN MY ROSARY Retro CD 2010

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In My Rosary
Title: Retro


Year: 2010
Label: Syborgmusic
Tracklist:         01 Entrée
02 And this Emptiness hurts (feat. Stan_I)
03 Keep away 04 Devil's Kiss (feat. Christian Doerge)
05 Don't cut these Veins too soon (feat. Sara Noxx)
06 Pills (feat. Martin v. Arndt & Tobias Birkenbeil)
07 A Kiss to You (feat. Holger Diener)
08 Fallow (feat. Paul Roland)
09 Splinter
10 She's at Home
11 Wild Chase
12 A Trap (feat.Tobias Birkenbeil)
13 Get Me (feat. Wolfgang Koch)
14 Day Fly (feat. Marlene Wagner)
Info: With ‘Retro’, IN MY ROSARY close a circle 18 years after their formation. After Ralf Jesek and Dirk Lakomy have tried all possible variations of their IMR concept in the past, they now return to their origins with their actual album. “Pathetically speaking, and after trying out the boundaries of our concept, it was simply time to turn back to our ‘radical’ roots. No compromises!” - IMR thus returned to their original way of working: All demos have been written with vocals, guitars and a 4-track recorder only – and this ‘stipped down’ concept can also be found on the final recordings, on which the band limited their equiment to a stereo-rhythm machine, two keyboards and a few guitars. ‘RETRO’ therefore is the result of an experiment, a ‘looking back to our roots’ for IMR. Also a novelty is the fact, that on this album the two musicians worked with a high number of guests: Sara Noxx, Christian Doerge and Stan_I (from the Russian gothic-band Stillife) have contributed with their vocals, while the English Psychpop-Guru Paul Roland honoured the band with his first ever guitar-solo. Other guest are Marlene Wagner of Lakobeil, Wolfgang Koch of the German Goth-rockers Tors of Dartmoor, Tobias Birkenbeil (ex-Dracul) and Martin von Arndt of the German Avantgarde/Goth-legends Printed at Bismarck’s Death. With ‘RETRO’ In My Rosary proof a lot of courage and deliver probably their so far most varied and interesting album in their 18 years lasting ‘history’!

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