THE CARAMEL EXILE The Caramel Exile CD Digipack 2018 LTD.200

THE CARAMEL EXILE The Caramel Exile CD Digipack 2018 LTD.200

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Title: The Caramel Exile

CD Digipack
Limitiert auf 200 Stück

Year: 12.10.2018
Label: Wave Records

01 Information
02 Go
03 Lisa
04 Same
05 Lets
06 Lies
07 Die young
08 Entertainer
09 Extasy
10 3x7
11 Stop hiding
12 Tekuty
13 Guest


It all started in 2000 in one of Bratislava's garages. Two brothers nicknamed Dirty77 and Carlos started the band HYSTERIC HELEN – a kind of Electro/Deathrock- formation with a touch of postpunk. In 2004, they released their first single. At the same time the third member Ms.Valentine officially joined the band as a singer and keyboard player. Within 3-4 years, HYSTERIC HELEN became well known within the scene, and one of their songs also appeared on a Strobelight Records compilation. The band played live with bands such as CINEMA STRANGE, THE LAST DAYS OF JESUS, TRAGIC BLACK... Despite a good interest and a successful debut album in 2013, guitarist Carlos shortly after left the band and the project dismantled. After a number of short living projects, Ms. Valentine and Dirty77 in 2014 finally founded THE CARAMEL EXILE, and compose a more modern electro sound, mixed with dark-wave and post-Punk influences. A first 4-songs EP was self released and the release got a good response from the audience. In late 2017, Dirty77 finally managed to record all material for this the project’s real debut-album and THE CARAMEL EXILE sign with WAVE Records. The self-titled debut features 13 original songs, among them 2 tracks in Slovak language. Each song is specific in itself, it depicts the various moods or feelings of the composer, that wishes to reach out to listeners. Fans of electro-wave, darkwave, postpunk, synthpop: Buy and enjoy it!

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